How to buy Ripple XRP with Debit or credit card.

Buy Ripple, buy XRP The easiest way for new investors in the XRP cryptocurrency is to buy Ripple XRP coins online with your Bank or Creditcard  (without the extra trouble of using a Bitcoin or Ethereum coins). Up to 2017 the only way to purchase the Ripple coin was to purchase Bitcoin or Ethereum first and then convert these coins into Ripple XRP coins. Due to the double transition you had to pay double transaction costs and exchange fee. You do not want to pay the fee to change USD to BTC and again then BTC to XRP.

Direct XRP purchase now possible

You can buy the Ripple coin with debit card and credit card on Changelly. Changelly is one of the few. cryptocurrency trading platforms which allows you to purchase Ripple XRP coin by paying money through Bank or Creditcard. Most online traders require you to purchase Bitcoin (BTC) first and then convert them into Ripple XRP coin. But Changelly has solved this issue. This cryptocurrency exchange website is specialized in the trading of cryptocurrency.
The entire process of purchasing the Ripple coin (XRP) with your Creditcard through Changelly is very easy. Within a few minutes the transaction is completed and the XRP coins are added to your digital wallet.

How to buy Ripple XRP coin with Credit or Debit Card

This proces had become very easy, all you need to register for free on the Changelly website and you must create a Ripple wallet address to receive the coins. The most popular Ripple XRP wallets are Gatehub and CoinPayment. The wallets can be created for free. (the only fee you pay is a tiny percentage on each transaction).
Our advise is first to open a Ripple XRP wallet before you register at a cyptocurrency trader.

Ripple XRP Wallets

To open a free Ripple wallet and for more information:

Please read the instructions carefully. Once you made an account and identified yourself you will get a wallet address. You need this wallet address to receive the XRP coins from the trader.
You can see this as your Ripple bank account. If you would like to receive dollar or Euro from someone they need your bank account number to make the transaction. The trader or broker of cryptocurrency need your wallet number to deposit your Ripple coins.

The number of seconds it takes to receive your Ripple coins in your Wallet also depends on the speed of the wallet website. If you choose Gatehub or Coinpayments to receive your Ripple coin, the process time or generally very fast. Only for your very first transaction to a new wallet there can be a small delay because on the first transaction the company verifies your identity. This is an extra security measure for your own good to minimize the chances of fraud.
Of course all cryptocurrency traders, brokers or wallet websites have different privacy and security policies when itÂ’s come to the purchase Ripple XRP coin. Bitstamp and Changelly do not have a very complex process of purchasing Ripple XRP coin with your Bank-, Debit or Credit Card. They can deliver relatively fast and secure compared to other cryptocurrency websites.

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